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PhoneGap, a cross platform framework, lets us design mind-blowing apps that perform great on every platform. Thus these apps show a pretty decent functionality on Android as well as iOS devices. Thus, with a PhoneGap based app, you can extend the reach of your business to a huge class of Smartphone users. Our team of Phonegap Developers India has a great exposure to this technology and we are great at integrating languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to develop hybrid mobile application software with enhanced functionality.

Up-front benefits of Phonegap Development are:

  • Elevated cross platform compatibility
  • User friendliness
  • Numerous unique features
  • Language integration
  • Access to native apps
  • Swift development period
  • Custom app development

About PhoneGap…

Being an open source mobile app development framework, the technology lets the Phonegap Developers build powerful apps integrated with numerous technologies. Rather than developing native apps for different platforms, the process of PhoneGap app development is time-saving yet purposeful. It offers accessibility to other native device apps such as storage, contacts, network, GPS and others to enhance the performance, functionality and speed of the software delivering a personal touch to the user. Once an app is developed using this multi-functional technology, no language porting will be required for cross platform functionality.

Phonegap Development India – What we offer

We believe in keeping our knowledge up to date by familiarizing ourselves with the emerging technologies. Phonegap Development for us is a pleasurable experience as it lets us deliver great solution in less time. Additionally, our time for language porting is saved as a code once written can be used for multiple platforms. Thus, we save our time, effort and cost! And so will you !

To wrap up:

  • Our Phonegap Developers are the best in India delivering mobile app solutions that are dependable
  • The solutions are delivered in less than the anticipated time
  • We deliver budget friendly solutions for the benefit of your company
  • Our apps work effortlessly delivering a congenial experience to the user
  • The software undergoes meticulous testing by our dedicated testing experts
  • Store optimization services offered as a part of the whole package
  • Our friendly support and maintenance team ensures a pleasant experience

Incorporating new technologies into your business is a dicey decision as the consequences may lie on both sides, though when it is about PhoneGap, just leave it on us and you will never regret. It is no more about taking or not taking the option, rather it has now become about when to take it! And when you are with us, you need not worry about the outcome. Our Phonegap Development Services include:

  • Location based PhoneGap apps – As PhoneGap technology offers integration of different native apps, a location based app can be easily designed. This feature lets the businesses obtain more precise information about the client's location and offer relevant services just when required. Our location based apps have been working for many travel, healthcare and retail businesses currently.
  • Web based PhoneGap apps – By using Ionic and Angular framework, we are able to deliver web apps that work equally well over different devices. When used over Smartphone, the app transforms into hybrid mobile app, thus exhibiting device compatibility.
  • Plugin development using PhoneGap – We provide Plugin development service for your specific business requirement. We have an expertise in delivering various apps with unique Plugin requirements such as scanners, geo-location plugin, image capture plugin, media capture plugin, facebook integration and more such applications.
  • Enterprise apps with PhoneGap – If you need an exclusive and dependable solution for your enterprise, our expert Phonegap Developers can deliver unique cross-platform apps that function as per your specific enterprise operations. This will lead your business to have a stable customer base with better performance and pool resources.
  • App porting services – Ensure proper functioning of your business app with the help of our app porting and migration services. Irrespective of what device is being used, your customers will be given all the services and information they deserve at all times.

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