iPhone App Development Cost, Cost of Creating an App

Cost of creating an App

Depending upon various aspects like User Interface and Design of the application, the cost varies according to the type of features you want to add to your application. The cost of a basic enterprise app would be much less than a medium sized enterprise app whose cost would certainly be different from that of a larger enterprise. Creating an app involves human capital. If only a single person is involved in the app development process, the costs are obviously going to be at the lower side.

There are many aspects on which the complete cost structure depends; some of them are as listed below:

  • Specific project requirement
  • Project perception
  • Complexity of UI
  • Is the app related to Web-services or normal?
  • Designing of UI
  • Testing of the app

Secondary factors affecting cost of an app

Excluding the costs of the hardware involved in the process of app making, a domain name and hosting service is required. Other costs like the developer fee may be recurring on a monthly basis. There are different app developers in India, who charge anything from $40 to $125(2600 to 8000 INR) an hour as the app development costs. The more time consumed in developing the desired app design, the more is the cost.

In India, the average cost to develop an app can range from $3,000 to $8,000(20,000 to 52,000 INR). Similarly, the cost for building a complex app with enhanced functionality may rise up to as much as $40,000(2,50,000 INR). Quite a lot of things bring about increase in development costs. For instance, requiring regular updates for the app, addressing issues that users face, managing reviews about the app and so on.

Having a clear idea about what you need can reduce the app development costs for you. Being unsure about your needs can actually shoot up costs, however, with us, you will be provided free consultation. Though, it will always be of great help if you have a better idea and a proper strategy concerning your app requirements and what you want your app to be before proceeding with app development. Talk to us for a proper estimate of the cost to create an app. You would not want to spend a lot of money without any results.

Simple, table based app – $3,000–8,000(20,000 to 52,000 INR) – If all the content is provided with clear directions, example apps and graphics, it will limit the cost of creating an App to $1,500(97,000 INR). For including additional features like GPS locators, social media integration, etc., cost is added.

Database App (native) – $8,000-$50,000(50,000 to 3.5L INR) – Again, when the basic subject matter like content, images, sounds, etc. is provided, the cost implied will involve the logic building process in the app and drafting the usability. The content will gradually settle in. The basic framework design in these kinds of projects is very important.

Games – $10,000-$250,000 – A gaming software would need all kinds coding tactics, fresh ideas, interesting plays and all sorts of math. Many games involve use of other apps on the device as well. A fresh gaming software can cost as much as $125,000(8L INR) just for the code; other costs excluded.

iPhone app development cost cutting with us

    Strategic planning – If you have a proper plan for the product, you can put forward your idea straight and clear-cut with the developer.

    Choice of Platform – As per your business requirements, you must have an idea of which platform you need us to work on. This would greatly depend upon your targeted class of users. Choosing the right platform can reduce your cost to 40%.

    Limiting Extra Features – We suggest you only incorporate the features which are the most important to have. Extra features can always be added later on as updates to the app.

    Use of Templates and Pre-build Scripts - We can use some pre-build templates and some plug-ins to reduce human efforts and time.

    Iterative App Building – With our Iterative App Building approach, we can reduce the app development costs to a great extent. In this method, we divide the application into small iterations which reduces time and money.

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